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Reflections Poster

Growing up a as a Black man in America can be a difficult and dramatic balancing act. On one hand, Black men have to deal with history and traditions that can destroy the body and the soul. On the other hand there is the pride and joy that comes with overcoming the forces that would hold you back and still have space to create great art, great food and laughter.

With stories, poetry and songs, REFLECTIONS examines aspects of what Black men must do to survive and stay focused on the future, in the land of the free and the home of the brave. While this reality has many lows, it also has highs that cannot be ignored.

This is a journey from the perils of boyhood to the perils of manhood. It is a paradox wrapped in a conundrum. But ultimately, it is a celebration of life, living and hope.

The cast of REFLECTIONS includes poet/actor and filmmaker Jay Walker, hip-hop artist and musician Jerediah (Big Scythe) Gonzalez and actors Mishell Lilly and Ricardo Pitts-Wiley.

A Folk Thought discussion with the audience and actors will follow both shows.


3 poets and a song


Poet Women Poster ENCORE

A Women’s History Month event that celebrates the voices and the favorite works of well known Black and Latino poets 


Frankenstein Poster March 12, 2014


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