Come Join Us This Holiday Season!


Christmas at Chatty’s Place

Chatty’s Place was a Providence night club, which opened in the early 1930’s. It was known for once hosting the great blues singer Bessie Smith and for legendary Christmas parties. The club has been closed for some time now, and the building that housed it is about to be torn down. Chatty’s grandson, who had heard about Christmas at the club decides to do one last party. He uses social media to reach out to anybody who’d like to join him. What follows is an evening of good fun, good memories and great music.

Featuring Singer/guitarist Kim Trusty,pianist Chris Hunter,bassist Steve Ellis, and singers Danette Briggs, Jeannie Carson, Hanna Lum, Michelle DuPuis, Lawrence Nunes, Natalie Hunter, Skylia Briggs, Ricardo Pitts-Wiley and Jeremiah Andrade as Chatty’s grandson CJ



          A Holiday Classic by Ricardo Pitts-Wiley Returns to Rhode Island

The story of an African Princess who is kidnapped and sold into slavery. However, she finds strength and the courage to escape after spending

Christmas with others also in captivity.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17th  7:00PM    Tickets $20

McVINNEY  AUDITORIUM  43 Dave Gavitt Way, Downtown Providence,RI

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