FullSizeRenderMixed Magic Theatre (MMT) is thrilled to present Amiri Baraka’s DUTCHMAN and THE SLAVE performed back to back for ONE NIGHT ONLY in the company’s two renovated performance spaces on Monday, November 27th. DUTCHMAN will be performed at 6:30 followed by THE SLAVE at 7:30.

DUTCHMAN, which premiered in March 1964 and received an Obie Award for Best American Play, was Amiri Baraka’s first foray into what he described as “action literature” and is considered a seminal work in the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and 1970s. This production, directed by MMT Artistic Director Jonathan Pitts-Wiley, features Yakim Parker as Clay and Kerry Giorgi as Lula, a Black man and White woman whose brief, tense encounter “in the flying underbelly” of a New York City subway car is a tangle of flirtation, ugly truths, and palpable rage.

Directed by Ricardo Pitts-Wiley, THE SLAVE is set in a well-appointed apartment during a time of Black uprising and revolt, the action of the play revolves around the hostile encounter between the revolutionary leader Walker Vessels (Frederick Douglas), his ex-wife Grace Easley (Melanie Stone), and her husband Brad (Terry Shea). As the explosions shake the building to its foundation and the victory of the revolution Vessels helped to foment seems imminent, the time has come to face the painful, complicated past and an uncertain future. At stake: the lives of Walker’s and Grace’s children.

Baraka’s writing deftly grapples with the tempestuous intersections of race, sex, class, gender, and human agency. At turns amusing, vulnerable and dripping with an unrelenting fury, both DUTCHMAN and THE SLAVE have left audiences breathless for over five decades and continues to crackle in today’s climate rife with passionate debate on the nature of truth, freedom, and identity.