Based in Pawtucket, RI in the historic mill complex at the Hope Artiste Village, Mixed Magic Theatre is a 501 (c ) (3) arts organization founded in 2000 by Ricardo and Bernadet Pitts-Wiley.

For the past decade, the Company has strived to  bring diverse stories and images to the stage through prose and song, tackling well-known dramatics as well as original theatrical productions.

Under the leadership of Artistic Director Jonathan Pitts-Wiley, Mixed Magic Theatre continues to pursue excellence and remains committed to  its mission:

Building more literate and arts-active communities.



Artistic Director Jonathan Pitts-Wiley take Mixed Magic Theatre to new directions

As some of you know, but more of you do not, I am in the midst of adjusting the Company’s mainstage offerings. The reasons for this are multiple, but can be summed up simply: As an artistic director of a dynamic theater company, I had begun to default to safe and uninspiring work. Mixed Magic Theatre deserves better. Our audience deserves better.

We’ve been fortunate these last few years to be able to develop original works that have a life beyond Rhode Island. With our combined creative and administrative efforts–especially those of our development director–we are in a position now to breathe life into many of those works elsewhere, potentially creating a revenue stream for the company. Because of these efforts, I believe we have put ourselves into a position to be a two-pronged force to be reckoned with.

So what of the other prong?

As far as our flagship space at the Hope Artiste Village, I feel more inclined than ever to turn our attention to works outside of the MMT repertoire, work that is in keeping with our diverse storytelling style and spirit. It is our duty to challenge and inspire and it is my duty to spearhead that effort.

These new works will be fresh and edgy and ugly and beautiful; these are works, often but not always contemporary, that perfectly encapsulate both the American and human condition. Additionally, these are works that can refresh and expand our talent and audience base.

This work will always be thought-provoking and, at times, profane. As a young man who grew up exposed to many works in the theater, I can say that we will always strive to be artistically responsible. However, we will also encourage parents to trust their instincts when it comes to subject matter they deem questionable. That being said, there should be no concerns about the future of the family at MMT. I will always endeavor to provide programming and events that all can enjoy.

It is time to tell new stories the Mixed Magic Way.

I speak for the entire Mixed Magic family when I say that we look forward to this journey.

Keep Calm and Mix Magic,

Jonathan Pitts-Wiley
Artistic Director