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Moby Dick: Then & Now

Moby-Dick: Then and Now tells two interlocking tales. The action takes place on the decks of a whaling ship. On the deck of the Pequod, Herman Melville’s Captain Ahab and his diverse crew venture on a quest to find and kill the white whale that wounded Ahab. On a Train/Ship a crew of inner city youth, whose leader is a young woman named Alba, undertake a voyage into “the heart of the city” to track down and kill WhiteThing – the embodiment of the power of cocaine and the drug culture surrounding it.

Ahab and his crew speak the language of Melville’s novel. The urban crew speaks a blend of hip-hop and street slang, carrying the actions and motivations of Melville’s dramatic and colorful characters into our modern world.

In the old world story, Ahab takes his men on a journey that ends in tragedy and sacrifice for all. In the modern story, a drug lord has violently shattered Alba’s world, taking a loved one, and sending her and the crew on a journey of relentless revenge. As in Melville’s novel, the search for Moby-Dick promises salvation to the characters but leads them to disaster. In the modern story, however, a supportive community ultimately tries to save the wounded hero and restore equilibrium, unity, and hope.

Fate Comes Knocking

Fate Comes Knocking views the life and times of Dr. Martin Luther King through the eyes of people who observed his life and the national and world events that would shape him. Ricardo Pitts-Wiley describes Fate Comes Knocking as a “pea shelling play.” The characters in the show, in a time-honored southern tradition, gather on a porch in the early evening to shell peas, converse, sing and reflect on the times and the man they knew from childhood.  Fate Comes Knocking takes a humorous and sometimes critical look at King’s life against a backdrop of dramatic times in America including the Montgomery bus boycott, the Kennedy presidency, the March on Washington, Malcolm X, the Vietnam War, LBJ, Hoover and the Black Panthers. The play also examines the fateful circumstances that took King from the privileged life of a prominent southern preacher’s son to the dusty and dangerous back roads of Alabama, Mississippi, the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Misery’s Fiend: Frankenstein

frankensteinIn Ricardo Pitts-Wiley’s adaptation, Misery’s Fiend: Frankenstein is set on a modern exploration ship locked in the ice of the Arctic Sea. Victor Frankenstein and his murderous Creature have been marooned on the ice flows for centuries waiting over and over again to be rescued.

Captain Walton and his crew bring Victor Frankenstein aboard and unwittingly, the Creature also. Three actors portray The Creature. Against a backdrop of fictional and real monsters, Mary Shelley’s great novel of good, evil and mankind’s responsibility for his actions again unfolds.

Dunbar, Done By…

Dunbar, Done By… Ricardo Pitts-Wiley performs from the collected works of the prominent African American poet Paul Laurence Dunbar whose work celebrated, honored and preserved Black southern language, culture and traditions. The performance also recounts the brief and troubled life of this American genius and his struggles with racism, from black and white people, shattered dreams and lost love. Dunbar, Done By… features well-known poems including We Wear the Mask, The Party, When Malindy Sings, Ode to Ethiopia and a number of other favorite poems accompanied by The Muse playing traditional gospel and spirituals, jazz and blues, along with lively music from the late 19th and early 20th century.